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Engineered Building Solution

All of our buildings are “custom” engineered with automated design systems.  The result is a building designed to operate as a “system”.  It consists of pre-engineered, pre-fabricated factory components that are combined together and engineered structurally.

Steel building systems are used in a wide range of low-rise, non-residential building applications. You will find them in industrial projects such as production / manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers. They are used in retail / shopping centers, automotive dealerships, offices, airplane hangars and arenas. They can also be used in community type applications such as schools, libraries, dormitories, churches, medical facilities, government buildings or for a wide variety of other end uses.  They are best suited for design-build applications.

The BlueScope Buildings' offering is much more than just steel components.  It is a complete building solution, including design, detailing, drawings, manufacturing and warranty.  The result is a sustainable and energy efficient building solution, on a faster schedule and with lower risk.

BlueScope Buildings leverages its engineering system globally. It is designed to meet and often exceed global (local) building design requirements. Our engineering staff worldwide utilizes the same engineering system, with a common set of processes, tools and products worldwide. This allows us to achieve engineering excellence – and develop best demonstrated practices. By optimizing solutions we can reduce costs over conventional steel solutions.

BlueScope Buildings' models are compatible with major BIM (Building Information Modeling) software, such as Revit® and Tekla®. BIM is the process of generating and managing building data through the building life cycle. Consistency in drawing helps eliminate uncertainty during the design phase – and can reduce costly changes during the construction phase.