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Green / Sustainability

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Building green refers to a practice used in the construction industry to lessen the impact that buildings have on the environment. BlueScope Buildings is dedicated to sustainable building design and reducing the impact through design, construction, operation and ultimately removal through the building’s complete life cycle.

Benefit of Steel:
Steel is 100% recyclable. And steel construction reduces energy costs, lifetime maintenance and the amount of waste materials created. Frames and structurals have over 70% recycled steel content. Metal roof and wall panels have up to 20% recycled content.

The Benefit of BlueScope Buildings:

Energy efficiency:
We offer cool roof and wall paints providing solar reflectivity. We also offer building solutions such as day-lighting (skylights and translucent panels) and roof and wall insulation systems.

Reduced materials usage:
Our design helps minimize the use of construction materials.

Low transportation costs:
Regional plants help assure nearby production, close to many building sites. (And that reduces transportation energy costs.)

Through a sister company, we offer innovative solutions for rain water harvesting.

Experience and understanding in LEED design criteria:
5 of the 6 categories outlined by LEED that contribute to sustainability are applicable to BlueScope Buildings.

We practice what we preach…. Our newest building plant under construction in Xi’an, P.R. China has been designed to meet a LEED Gold certification. Leed certification provides third-party verification that a building has been designed and built using strategies aimed at high performance in sustainable building.