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At BlueScope Buildings, we have developed deep experience in engineered building systems since 1901. Our core competency is the design, detailing and fabrication of a wide variety of building applications, including beverage and syrup production, warehousing, bottling distribution and research and development.

We know that each individual building project has unique needs and understand the diverse requirements and challenges facing owners of beverage and bottling facilities. Our team will align with yours to problem-solve for all aspects of your business processes – bays/modules, process and conveyor equipment, insurance requirements, erection sequencing, and erectability. Based on our knowledge of your building priorities, we will design an optimal framing solution to meet your project needs. This includes working with your team to accommodate the needs specific to your project – such as the development of clean and cool rooms, appropriate drainage and ventilation, and other supports for worker safety.

We Provide a Tailored Approach

We’re proud to offer hybrid building solutions, using the best of both engineered building systems and conventional design elements to provide optimal solutions. And with building footprints that range from 500 to more than 25,000 square meters, we have a wide range of solutions that can meet the requirements of your facility needs.

A few examples of how we can provide tailored solutions to meet your project needs:

  • Our buildings have the ability for expandable endwalls that can help address capacity expansion when you need it.
  • Our designs accommodate heavy loads that support your manufacturing process requirements
  • Our buildings can also be oriented around racking and storage systems – usually independent of the frame design
  • Fire rating is a factor in our designs – we typically use block and/or heavy board insulation to support the buildings, depending on the local code requirements

Durable and Reliable Buildings That Also Are Cost Effective

BlueScope Buildings’ engineered building solutions can deliver wider spans and heavier loads, and our goal is the perfect balance between durability and cost-effectiveness. We have proven performance with quick erection speeds and low maintenance buildings, helping you to not only get to market more quickly, but also lowering your total cost of ownership in the long-term.

Consider this: 10% of a building’s lifetime cost is in the construction budget, but 90% of the total cost of building ownership is in the operating budget. We offer a portfolio of energy efficient roof and wall systems that can help reduce operating costs. In fact, one of our clients shared an annual roof maintenance cost of just US$0.00215 per square meter.

The Balance You Need: International Coordination + Local Expertise + Trusted Team

With manufacturing locations and sales offices throughout the world, we serve clients with an equally global perspective. We work with many multinational corporations who are looking for strategic relationships that transcend the traditional supplier vendor model when planning and executing projects.

We believe in centralized program management, through a dedicated team that leverages the strength of our regional business units that are focused on production, engineering and detailing, and the manufacturing and shipping of building solutions. This provides customers with access to regional engineering resources and consistency in global proposals and business practices and facilities.

BlueScope Buildings can also offer a single source for warranties, workmanship, paint finishes and weather tightness (on select building products). As a single source provider, we will work to get as much of the project under one contract to help increase oversight, improve visibility and, where possible, minimize import duties.

Dedication to Sustainability

We share your concern for protecting the environment. And many of our beverage clients recognize that a sustainable “green” building strategy is a further extension of a strong brand image. The benefits of sustainable construction are not just a reduction in energy costs and reduction of raw materials used, but also includes a healthier work environment and reduced total building operating cost.

In our view, sustainability goes beyond construction to include energy efficiency. We offer cool roof and wall paints providing solar reflectivity. We also offer daylighting systems and translucent panels that can reduce total lighting expenses by up to 70%. We have experience and understanding of LEED design criteria, in fact we meet four of the six sustainability categories outlined by LEED.

BlueScope Buildings is dedicated to sustainability.

Align with Us for Results

We offer an experienced and trusted team to deliver the beverage or bottling building solution that you need, on the schedule you need, at the location you need. BlueScope Buildings can take you there.


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