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The Challenges of Supply Chain Management

Under the BlueScope Buildings umbrella, we have 100+ plants worldwide that support our business in creating, containerizing and shipping engineered steel building solutions and building products. And, we have a thriving global iron ore and steel business. We understand logistics because it is an important part of our business.

For growing multinational companies, the logistics supporting the transportation and storage of goods in a supply chain are becoming much more complex, presenting new challenges:

  • Customers want products and materials faster and on their own terms
  • Businesses expanding into new countries and continents face new demands on their supply chains and increasing regulatory hurdles
  • When expanding a model that relies on efficiency, there is little margin for error or delay

Keeping pace in a global environment is demanding. Multinational corporations need to find efficiencies across their entire supply chain in order to achieve strategic business objectives while also managing for expansion. This is our expertise: let BlueScope Buildings work with you to not only deliver the building solution you need, but also help you manage your bottomline for the long-term.

Our Alignment Value Proposition

With manufacturing locations and sales offices throughout the world, we serve clients with an equally global perspective. We work with many multinational corporations who are looking for strategic relationships that transcend the traditional supplier vendor model when planning and executing projects. We can offer global and regional centralized program management, through a dedicated team, that leverages the strength of our regional business units that are focused on production, engineering and detailing, and the manufacturing and shipping of your building solution. This provides customers with access to regional engineering resources and consistency in global proposals and business practices and facilities. BlueScope Buildings can also offer a single source for warranties, workmanship, paint finishes and weather tightness (on select building products).

We have achieved significant results for many of our customers. Two brief examples:

  • For a major retailer, we helped reduce their building shell construction time from 180 to 28 working days for 100,000 square meter facilities
  • For a major global consumer goods company, we collaborated on changing from their conventional building shell design to achieve a 55.5% reduction in their total steel usage

With our teams’ design and engineering expertise, we are able to recommend the best building solution to meet your needs, and often are able to recommend innovations and improvements to existing designs. Each project brings new insights, and we are experts at translating learnings into actionable improvements that will save you time and money.

We would like to share our track record of success with you.

BlueScope Buildings Creates Building Systems that Enhance Your Logistics Systems

Whether your need is transfer stations, distribution centers, warehouses, depots or hubs – BlueScope Buildings offers a global portfolio of engineered building solutions offering design flexibility and a range of functionality to meet your individual business needs. Our core competency is the efficient design, detail and fabrication of your building envelope. We will work with you to understand all aspects of your business processes – bays/modules, process and conveyor equipment, insurance requirements, erection sequencing, erectability – and then design an optimal framing solution and schedule to improve your business’s financial needs.

Multi-Market Solutions

Engineered building solutions are a cost-competitive solution to address your supply chain building needs. Our teams are able to bring hybrid building solutions to the table, utilizing engineered building systems and conventional design elements to provide the best results. Our buildings have the ability to incorporate expandable endwalls and optimized column spacing for maximizing open space. And with buildings that range from 500 to 10,000+ square meters, we have a range of low-rise solutions to share with you.

Advantages in Emerging and Frontier Markets

When operating in emerging and frontier markets, BlueScope Buildings’ centralized teams and engineered building solutions provide added benefits:

  • We can act as your consistent and central source of global supply, providing efficiencies and ease of management
  • Our buildings can be containerized and shipped to more challenging geographic locations, and are designed with lighter weight materials and for ease of erection
  • Factory pre-punched and bolted connections can reduce the need for onsite skilled labor and equipment for erection support
  • The early availability of anchor bolt reactions allow for more accurate foundation designs, which in turn reduces lower total foundation costs
  • Galvanized secondaries offer corrosion protection that can protect steel even if it is damaged and cut in transportation or once erected, which also reduces maintenance costs
  • Consistent commitment to ethical standards and business practices
  • A central point of contact to ensure your business needs are met

Commitment to Safety and Ethics

BlueScope Buildings is committed to safety and zero harm. Because safety is a part of our core company principles, you will feel and see that benefit as our employees collaborate with your teams.

  • Our invention of the Sky-Web II® Fall Protection System and Insulation Support System acts as a passive restraint system used to protect workers from falls and can provide protection from certain falling objects during roof construction (* Sky-Web systems do not eliminate the fall hazard from the non-leading edge of the roof nor during installation)
  • Our buildings are designed to divert water away from the building, helping eliminate any pooling of water

Ethical work practices are a cornerstone of our business. Our reputation relies on ethical and lawful conduct in all BlueScope Buildings activities. BlueScope Buildings has a Guide to Business Conduct that sets out our basic principles of business conduct. We also adhere to trade practice laws and anti-corruption laws.

Smart Building

In addition to being a responsible business practice, sustainable construction makes economic sense. Sustainable construction can reduce energy costs and raw materials utilization, which reduces total building operating cost. Given that 90 percent of the total cost of building ownership is in the operating budget, incorporating sustainability into construction is a smart investment.

  • Operational efficiencies - A global retailer revealed a US$0.00215 per square meter annual roof maintenance cost on 2,600,000 square meters of their distribution centers after implementing our sustainability features
  • Energy efficiency – we offer cool roof and wall paints providing solar reflectivity; in addition, we offer daylighting systems/translucent panels that can reduce total lighting expenses by up to 70%
  • Reduced materials usage – our design minimizes the use of construction materials, which in turn reduces building weight and transportation costs
  • Low transportation costs – our regional plants help assure nearby production, which reduces transportation energy costs to the building site
  • Experience and understanding in LEED design criteria – four of the six categories outlined by LEED that contribute to sustainability are applicable to our buildings

BlueScope Buildings Brand Offerings

For those customers seeking consistency across building assets, we offer a global solution known as the Butler® brand. Butler Manufacturing™ pioneered the pre-engineered industry and uses proven, innovative technology and best-in-class system construction to deliver wider spans and heavier loads, with excellent durability and top weather tightness.

PROBUILD®, ECOBUILD™, and Ranbuild
We also offer building solutions through a range of regional brands (PROBUILD®, ECOBUILD™ and Ranbuild) for a perfect balance between durability and cost effectiveness. Our brand portfolio offers weathertight buildings that can meet Factory Mutual insurance requirements. Galvanized secondaries offer corrosion protection that can protect steel even if it is damaged and cut in transportation or once erected.

At BlueScope Buildings, we offer best-in-class building solutions.

Align with Us for Results

We have the experience to make your next global construction project a finely-tuned balance of international coordination and local expertise. Whether you are working on a single project or multiple projects on a global scale, BlueScope Buildings will deliver a high quality building solution wherever your supply chain needs take you.


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