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BlueScope Buildings – Let Us Bring Our Insights to Your Mining Site

At BlueScope Buildings, we have developed deep experience in engineered building systems over the past 100 years. Our core competency is the design, detailing and fabrication of a wide variety of building applications, including mine site buildings, mining camps, administration buildings, storage buildings, truck shops, warehouses and mine process facilities.

We understand the intricacies of each individual building project and the diverse requirements and challenges at mining sites. Our team aligns with yours to provide valuable insights to help you best manage the total cost of your project, reduce your risk and deliver on your timeline. And, we are a single-source supplier for your building project – providing you a distinct advantage and minimizing the logistical difficulties associated with challenging and remote building sites.

Durable and Reliable Buildings That Also Are Cost Effectiveh

BlueScope Buildings’ engineered building solutions can deliver wider spans and heavier loads, and our goal is the perfect balance between durability and cost-effectiveness. We have proven performance with low maintenance buildings and quick erection speeds, helping to lower your total building operating cost.

All of our building systems – from the structure to the building envelope – can be containerized, so we can deliver a quality, custom engineered and manufactured building to a remote mine site or any other location. We have developed our own proprietary design software that reduces weight from designs, saving materials and costs. Innovations such as our factory punched roof panels and structural members and bolted connections reduce the need for on-site skilled labor, even in challenging, remote locations.

One Integrated Team You Can Count On

With each project, our goal is to build an honest relationship based on open dialogue. We excel in relationships where we support global mining executives and EPC/EPCM contractors in finding solutions managing their building needs throughout the world. We are proud of our solutions for your unique needs and priorities. BlueScope Buildings can act as your single-source building supplier and work with mine operations managers or EPC/EPCMs at project inception anywhere your mining needs take you. We offer unabridged access to our integrated team focused on delivering the most cost-effective, innovative facility to meet your needs both now and in the long-term.

Let our team and its engineers bring their insights to your mining site, so you are positioned for success early on in your project.

The Balance You Need: International Coordination + Local Expertise

With our global manufacturing footprint, we source our fully-containerized building systems from the most economical location and deliver them wherever needed. Our brand portfolio provides flexibility and choice. And because we operate in many regions across the globe, you benefit from our significant local knowledge, expertise and relationships.

International coordination and local expertise: that’s the foundation for every BlueScope Building.

Committed to Safety and Ethics

Safety lies at the foundation of our company’s culture, and we practice consistent safety policies around the globe. Our commitment to zero harm reflects our belief that we can work in an environment where risk is managed appropriately on a daily basis. We’ve found the result is a healthier work environment — when we are more safe, your project is more safe — and that contributes to the bottom line.

Ethical work practices are a cornerstone of our business, and our reputation relies on ethical and lawful conduct in all BlueScope Buildings’ activities. To support this commitment, we have formal induction programs for each employee and annual trainings on principals of conduct, adherence to trade practice and anti-corruption laws. We also employ specific due diligence steps before and after engaging an agent or third party. We believe that by acting fairly, ethically and with integrity, we create lasting benefits for our company and everyone we work with.

We offer an experienced and trusted team to deliver the building solution that you need, on the schedule you need, at the location you need. BlueScope Buildings can take you there.


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