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BlueScope Buildings – the Right Choice for Global Alignment

BlueScope Buildings has extensive experience working with EPC/EPCM’s and multinational corporations around the world. Our core competency is the design, detailing and fabrication of building envelopes across a wide array of applications. Whether industrial, commercial or mining/oil and gas building projects, we deliver engineered building solutions across our global footprint. From concept to delivery, we focus on developing a high value facility to meet your end customer’s objectives.

Our offer to EPCs/EPCMs:
Innovate your procurement model to deliver superior products on improved timelines. BlueScope Buildings has been building relationships since 1901 through aligning with our customers. Our best successes have come from integrated teams who are invested in the outcome and who translate real-time learnings into innovative solutions and improvements from project to project. Today’s competitive economy requires an approach that eliminates redundancies, lowers risks and reduces cost – all while increasing quality.

The building envelope is always on the critical path. Let us share with you how we can positively impact your total project and allow you to receive the best quality products at the lowest possible cost. We want to improve your building processes and outcomes – exponentially versus incrementally.

Doing Business Better, Smarter, Faster: the Benefits of Alignment

With our manufacturing locations and sales offices throughout the world, BlueScope Buildings serves clients with an equally global perspective. We are proud of all of our successful relationships with end customers, EPC’s, general contractors, and construction managers who are looking for strategic relationships that transcend the traditional supplier/vendor model when planning and executing projects.

BlueScope Buildings offers centralized global program management through a dedicated team that leverages the strength of our regional business units focused on the production, engineering and detailing – as well as the manufacturing and shipping – of your building solution. With this approach, we can help EPCs/EPCMs:

  • Gain access to regional engineering resources and consistency in global proposals, business practices and facilities
  • Standardize and simplify your global requisition processes and procedures
  • Streamline with a single point of contact between building procurement and your operations
  • Provide the specialization your customers expect, to provide tailored solutions
  • Achieve increased transparency on lessons learned and determine how to apply those lessons to achieve improved outcomes on each subsequent project
  • Accelerate your total project timeline.

Outcomes for Large Scale Projects.

When working together with us on multi-site projects, we can help you achieve significant improvements in your building construction programs and strengthen your own relationship with your customers. Here are a couple of examples of how one of our team’s dedication to a customer resulted in superior outcomes:

  • For a major retailer, we helped reduce their building shell construction time from 180 to 28 working days for all of their 100,000 square meter facilities.
  • For a major global consumer goods company, we collaborated on changing from their conventional building shell design to an improved design that achieved a 55.5% reduction in their total steel usage.

Ultimately we will work with you to build a better process to ensure the best outcomes. And while the building component of your project might be a small percentage of the total cost, we understand that the development of that facility is on your project’s critical path. We will manage that responsibility: delivering a high quality building on time, while reducing cost.


Global Expertise with a Global Footprint:
Unique Offerings in a Challenging Marketplace

In the global marketplace, risk and tighter schedules are of increasing concern. And if you are building in multiple locations, navigating the local terrain and coordinating on-site activities can prove difficult. With BlueScope Buildings, our capabilities allow you to reduce these challenges while delivering a quality product that meets your timeline.

The advantages of a centralized source of supply.
BlueScope Buildings can provide consistency to building assets worldwide. This ultimately gives EPC’s/EPCM’s better control over all elements of your engineered buildings – and can help avoid the construction risks that can emerge with a small regional fabricator or builder when multiple parties are involved. We also can provide you consistent warranties, workmanship, paint finishes and weather tightness (on select building products).

Remote delivery and on-site efficiencies.
Because our buildings can be containerized and shipped to challenging geographic locations, you can be assured of an efficient use of building materials – with fewer concerns about shortages in the field. The labor intensive nature of delivering products/services in developing countries can create challenges. With building solutions that are engineered systems with factory pre-punched and bolted connections, we can reduce the need for onsite skilled labor.

BlueScope Buildings’ Commitment to Safety and Ethics

Commitment to safety and zero harm.

Safety lies at the foundation of our company’s culture and we practice consistent safety around the globe. Our commitment to zero harm reflects our belief that we can work in an environment where risk is managed appropriately on a daily basis. As safety is part of our core company principles, you will feel and see the benefit as our employees collaborate with your teams.

Ethical work practices.

Our reputation relies on ethical and lawful conduct in all BlueScope Buildings’ activities. BlueScope Buildings has a Guide to Business Conduct that sets out our basic principles of how we do business. We also adhere to trade practice laws and anti-corruption laws. Properly engaging third parties is essential to BlueScope Buildings’ efforts to act with integrity and comply with applicable anti-corruption laws. We require specific due-diligence steps before and after engaging an agent or third party, including a TRAC number, which is a unique 12-digit TRACE Registered Access Code assigned to companies committed to commercial transparency.

BlueScope Buildings is dedicated to sustainability.

Our Team Is Here to Support You

BlueScope Buildings is well positioned to support and collaborate with EPC’s/EPCM’s in multiple regions of the world under some very challenging conditions.

We are registered and pre-qualified with many global EPCs. (Contact us to check.) BlueScope Buildings delivers a staff of highly trained construction professionals, and we want to bring our significant local knowledge, service, support, expertise and relationships to bear on your project.

We have the industry experience to help both you and your customers excel.


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