Conventional Steel & Hybrid Building Solutions

Conventional Approach

Our services cover all conventional steel products, ranging from wide-flange beams and bar joists to pipes and tubes. Using the latest modeling software, we are able to ensure efficiencies from estimation to fabrication, even with the most complex structural designs. We offer bolted connections for each project, which reduces field-welding labor costs and saves time in construction.

Hybrid Buildings

Our hybrid designs can come in any shape or size to meet the demands for your next project. We integrate conventional steel for a more cost-effective and efficient approach. For a global consumer company, we lowered total steel usage by 55.5% with an improved design, demonstrating that better processes lead to measurable outcomes.

One Less Thing to Build

There are many costs to large-scale projects, and the physical buildings may be a small percentage. However, the quality of a building’s construction is critical to the success of everything that comes next. We take pride in managing every aspect of building construction to deliver a high-quality, lower-cost building with timeliness and efficiency.


Interior of conventional steel building

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