EPC Services: End-to-End Construction Management

Our innovative models deliver better products more quickly

Our best successes come from integrated teams thinking creatively to find innovative solutions that eliminate redundancies, lower risks, reduce costs and improve quality. Our extensive experience working with EPC/EPCM’s and multinational corporations spans design, detailing and fabrication of building envelopes across a wide array of applications.

Whether industrial, commercial or mining/oil and gas building projects, we deliver engineered building solutions across North America.

We build wherever business takes you.

We offer centralized program management through a dedicated team of local experts focused on production, engineering, detailing, manufacturing, and shipping of your building solution. Gain access to regional engineering resources and consistency in proposals, business practices, and facilities. Standardize, simplify, and streamline your requisition processes and procedures with a single point of contact between building procurement and your operations. Our tailored solutions provide the specialization your customers expect, and our transparency uses lessons learned to achieve improved outcomes on each subsequent project together. All of this happens with faster timelines and lower cost of ownership.

It's time to make moves

Our experienced and trusted team is the best of innovation and local expertise to position your project for success from the first conversation.

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