Sustainable Manufacturing Operations

Green Practices for a Better Planet

We believe our steel products play a key role in sustainable development, given their strength, versatility, longevity and endless recyclability. In Australian and New Zealand steelmaking, around 20 percent recycled scrap content is used as manufacturing feed, while in the US the North Star mini mill uses around 75 percent recycled scrap content. We are building a culture of sustainability with extensive recycling of by-products produced by manufacturing operations.


To BlueScope, sustainability means developing, manufacturing and selling steel products and solutions in a manner that provides for a sustainable future. During the year we strengthened our approach to sustainability governance, modifying the Board committee structure to create a Risk and Sustainability Committee. The Risk and Sustainability Committee has oversight of BlueScope’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities and reporting, including reviewing and recommending to the Board the Company’s annual Corporate Governance Statement and Sustainability Report.

We also established a Sustainability Council comprised of members of the Executive Leadership Team and senior management. This Council is responsible for understanding our sustainability exposures, engaging with key stakeholders and directing the consistent implementation of sustainability initiatives across our global businesses.

The Sustainability Council reports quarterly to the Board through the Risk and Sustainability Committee.

BlueScope’s vision and strategy for health, safety and environment continue to be guided by the Board Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Committee. Each member of the Board is a member of this Committee, which reviews and recommends actions to the Board with respect to policy, plans, performance against targets, risks and emerging issues. We continue to focus our attention on the five priority areas of importance to our business, and on adopting a more mature approach to sustainability reporting and governance.

Supply chain sustainability

BlueScope is committed to respecting human rights, and during the year we published a Statement on Human Rights and a Responsible Sourcing Standard. A risk assessment of the Company’s ESG profile has been completed, as has an analysis of supply chain management processes. A significant project is underway to segment the Company’s supply chain on a risk-based approach, and to develop plans to ensure that suppliers are committed to operating in line with the values expressed in Our Bond.

Sustaining safe practices—always


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