The History of BBNA

North American Metal Building Pioneers

The brands of BlueScope Buildings North America pioneered the inception of the metal building industry in North America.

For more than 100 years, the name Butler has been synonymous with innovation. Butler Manufacturing™ was founded in 1901 in Kansas City, Missouri and is credited with pioneering the start of the global metal building industry. The company started by making factory-produced stock water tanks, followed by grain bins – and eventually transformed into manufacturing pre-engineered buildings. In 1943, they pioneered the use of 3-plate rigid frames, helping to formally launch the PEB Industry. Varco Pruden Buildings, Inc® began producing pre-engineered buildings by 1950. Both companies expanded internationally in the 1960s.

Both Butler Manufacturing and Varco Pruden Buildings, Inc were founding members of the MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturers Association) in 1956. Over the years, the MBMA has helped establish U.S. design standards, loading criteria and acted as an industry association within North America.

In 2004, Butler Manufacturing Company was acquired by BlueScope Steel. Varco Pruden Buildings, Inc was acquired in 2008. Since becoming a public company, BlueScope Steel, through its BlueScope Buildings division, has continued building a global footprint and has worked to develop a building product portfolio providing unlimited options with regard to a building’s appearance and functionality.

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