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BlueScope Buildings has successfully completed an array of building projects for clients around the world. Our core competency is the design, detailing and fabrication of building envelopes for a wide variety of low-rise building applications. With over 100 years of extensive experience working across a variety of industries, we are uniquely positioned to provide the optimal solution for your global engineered building solution. We know that each project presents its own set of diverse conditions, and we have industry-specific and local knowledge that allows us to strategically navigate these challenges, positioning you for success and ensuring the best outcome.

Overarching Expertise

Our building envelopes can meet a variety of building needs:

  • Industrial applications, including manufacturing and processing facilities; bulk product, equipment, machinery and supply storage; maintenance and repair shops; warehouse facilities and related administrative buildings
  • Commercial facilities, including office, retail and administrative space
  • Community uses, including schools, doctor / medical clinics and religious facilities

Our Expertise within Specific Industries

We have developed and delivered engineered building solutions within a range of industries, including:

  • Mining: mine site buildings, mining camps, administration buildings, storage buildings, truck shops, warehouses and mine process facilities
  • Logistics: freight terminal facilities and purpose-built warehouses, including transfer and distribution stations, depots and hubs which are multi-market solutions designed to support the integration of process equipment, with the ability to integrate masonry as needed
  • Manufacturing: manufacturing buildings for a range of products, including, auto parts and tire, chemicals, rubber, electrical equipment, machinery, paper, textiles; facilities for ethanol and petroleum refining; equipment storage and warehousing buildings; power and heating plants; and facilities for steel production and grain and feed processing
  • Transportation: aircraft hangars, passenger terminal facilities, railroads, and harbor / dock facilities
  • Beverage: manufacturing buildings, warehouses, bottling plants, research and development facilities, and distribution buildings – including the installation of processing equipment and incorporation of green building features, as needed
  • Retail: Stores, shopping centers, membership clubs, auto dealerships
If you want information about work BlueScope Buildings has done in other industry sectors, please contact us.

EPC/EPCM Alignment

We have collaborated across industries with Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors and Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) contractors to deliver quality building solutions for their end users. Learn more .


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